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Mission Control

Mission Control is a multi user, classroom networked, game based, educational solution that recreates the experience of being a Mission Control Operator in the NASA ISS Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center, Houston. Students are challenged with the tasks of designing, constructing, crewing and managing the International Space Station, along with conducting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) experiments in microgravity.


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In the fall of 2005, Vision Systems was contracted by NASA to create the first interactive simulation of the proposed Crew Exploration Vehicle, CEV (now Orion).

The resulting software, SimCEV, is based on the multi faceted Renderware based SpaceStationSim simulation engine and simulates both the Orion vehicle and the Lunar Surface Access Module (LSAM) in flight, along with an interactive, partially autonomous crew. SimCEV is demonstration level software, currently able to interact with NASA Strider fault detection software, and eventually able to visualize high fidelity NASA simulation engines like SimStation...

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