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SpaceStationSimSpace StationSim

SpaceStationSim v.2.0 available now!

The first space station game developed in collaboration with NASA!

SpaceStationSim puts you in charge of creating the greatest wonder of the modern world, the International Space Station! Man's greatest engineering achievement in space... More than just a model – now you can create and manage your own living spaceship and crew!

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Fan reaction to our Free Demo :

"I thought the demo was fantastic! After 30 min of playing, I just had to get the full version. You developed the first sim that is actually enjoyable! Thanks again for a great product."

– Joe

SpaceStationSim Box

"The latest news from video game developer...Vision Videogames with its recent release of the new non violent family friendly game, SpaceStationSim!"

"It was so awesome! I used 10 minutes to understand the game and then I liked it. I played it for 30 min. and when i had to shutdown, I just couldn't get enough!" - Mathias

To Schools - First of all, thank you for your interest in SpaceStationSim! We've been getting many requests for Purchase Orders, and we can send you a copy, if you email us your name and mailing address. Orders over ten will receive a special discount.

**Vision Videogames will only provide technical support for games bought from the Vision Videogames webstore.**

e 10+ rating
Tobacco Reference - (Space tourist line, anti-smoking)
Alcohol Reference - (Space tourist line, anti-alcohol)
Crude Humor - (Space tourist line, "who cut one?")
Mild Violence - (Space tourist ejected from station, but returns. Astronauts can be shocked)

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