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EASe bundle The Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect (EASe) audio CD series is the original disc based auditory intervention program. The EASe CD is an easy to use, simple and safe tool for occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, listening therapists and parents, to teach a child challenged with sensory processing issues, sound sensitivity, central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), hearing or developmental issues, to better manage noise. The EASe CD listening program is based on the Guy Berard method of auditory integration training (similar to Tomatis) and can be carried out at home, at school or in a therapist's office with an inexpensive CD player and a high quality pair of headphones.

Download a free sampler of the EASe CD Music here!

The EASe CD series has been successfully used since 1996 by many tens of thousands of parents, thousands of therapists and hundreds of organizations the world over. The EASe CD series integrates well with sensory integration activities, enabling a child to more easily develop additional skills through an enhanced "sensory diet".

The EASe CD series can help ease the pain of hyperacusis and auditory hypersensitivity in Autism, Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), PDD, PDD-NOS, ADD, ADHD, and Down Syndrome and provides a low cost alternative to auditory integration therapy, known as AIT.

Parents and Therapists have Reported Improvements in:

  • Sound sensitivity
  • Sensory defensiveness
  • Eye contact
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Verbal communication and articulation
  • Temperament and self-management
  • Organization
  • Sleep management
  • Focus and attention

The EASe CD series consists of instrumental music and natural sounds encoded with randomly pulsed equalization that increases high frequency content in an unpredictable manner. This random high frequency energy stimulates the auditory pathway from the eardrum to the auditory cortex in very short, but highly intense bursts.

The EASe CD is a practical application of the psychoacoustic "fight or flight" syndrome. Most of the stimulation on each EASe CD exists under the intensity/duration threshold that elicits a sensory defensive mechanism in an auditory hypersensitive child. Occasionally an energy burst will last long enough to begin to elicit such a response. However, even these bursts are very short lived and so the child is taught to gradually manage intense stimulation. With enough frequency, the child becomes able to utilize this skill in their everyday lives under normal auditory conditions.

An EASe CD listening program is easy to initiate and manage by a parent, teacher or therapist. In most cases it is seen as a reward by the child and is eagerly anticipated. The EASe CD integrates well into a program of Sensory Integration, becoming an enabling mechanism for further improvements in balance and coordination. For more information about this see: Listening with the Whole Body, by Sheila Frick, OTR and Colleen Hacker, MS, OTR. Ms. Frick also operates Vital Sounds, a group that teaches her approach to Sensory and Auditory integration and processing.

The EASe CD is inexpensive, costing a small fraction of other auditory interventions. The EASe CD is reusable. Every three to six months the listening program can be applied again if necessary and with no extra charge. The EASe CD empowers a parent, teacher or therapist to directly address a child's auditory issues utilizing the therapeutic effect of music therapy and the application of electronic technology.

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